1000 Mega Numbers on One Excel Sheet--FREE!!

What if you had the last 1000 Mega numbers that hit neatly organized on ONE Excel document?

No need for you to go from page to page…like you have to do with the results posted online. All 1000 numbers will be in ONE place. You just have to scroll down the same document to see the previous numbers that hit. This would allow you to do a search for a specific number to see what numbers tend to hit with that number.  For example…lets say that you think that number 24 will hit next. What you would do is press the Control key and F (FIND) at the same time and you will be taken to EVERY occurance of the number 24 on the list. 

This way you can see what other numbers tend to hit along side the number 24. You can do other things as well. For example; you can look down row A and see what numbers tend to hit there (these are the lowest numbers). 
Or you can look down row E to look for patterns in the highest numbers that hit recently. You can look down the middle and look for patterns. You can also look for pairs and triples (if any). The bottom line is that having the last 1000 Mega numbers that hit in ONE document will be extremely helpful. Now..here is the REALLY good news:

You can find this list of the last 1000 Mega game below for FREE!!

Included below is also the same list as a PDF document. Some people will prefer this to the Excel sheet.

1000 Numbers


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FREE Mega Million Reports!

The Hottest and Coldest Mega Numbers.pdf
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4-The 5 Rules and the PTS.pdf
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You can Request the Last 500 to 1000 Numbers of ANY Game from ANY State for just $60.

MANY patterns can be identified (in ANY game) once you have the last 500 to 1000 numbers collected on a single document—but first you need the list. I am giving away this list of the last 1000 Mega numbers for free—but this may not be your favorite game. Or you may want another list. That is OK because I can make a similar list (the last 500 to 1000 numbers collected on one Excel sheet) for just $60. You can request the last 1000 numbers for ANY game (Powerball, Take 5, Lotto, Win for Life, etc.) for ANY state for $60. Email me first before ordering at:

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