7 Day Coding System by AANewYork NY

This Product includes both The 7 Day Coding System AND The 8 Super Numbers.

The 7 Day Coding System has 3 Parts:

1-The Introduction Report.

The Introduction Report answers these questions:
*How can we predict the Next Number that will hit?
*How to Find Order in Randomness.
*The Fixed Reference Point I use for Coding (this is the BIG Secret).
*The Digit Distribution Box.
*The Matrix Box.
*What is a “week”?
*How to Record your numbers.
*How to Code the Pick 3 Game.
*Why I use numbers codes (012, 234, 458).
*Why I do not use letter codes (ABC, BDE, DFG).
*How to Format numbers for Coding.

2-The 7 Day Coding System Report (247 page PDF)

This document explains one of my greatest discoveries; a way of coding the Pick 3 game that can give you up to 4 HITS in ONE WEEK! I explain several advanced strategies in this 247 page PDF including:
*The Base
*The Index
*The MIR Formula
*Game Automation
*Blanket Betting

*The 11 Master Strategies
 *The $1360 System
*The ONE Number System.
 *I also explain how you can code the Pick 3 game on your own using simple Pen and Paper Systems (NO Program Required). 

3-Special EXCEL Spreadsheet Included!

Your purchase includes the Excel sheet I personally used to get my codes for the New York Pick 3 game. This is the SAME Excel spreadsheet I use to give players who previously signed up for my Coding Training Program. This sheet is especially formatted to carry out certain functions which automate and speed up key parts of the coding process (coding by hand is possible, but it is very slow). Use this spreadsheet to code the Pick 3 game in your state quickly!


The 8 Super Number System is a very specific and and perhaps the BEST application of the 7 Day Coding System. I explain the system in 18 documents.

How Do I Come Up with My 8 Number Predictions Every Week?

If you are a Money Club member you get the 8 number prediction I send out every Sunday morning to all paid members. The 8 numbers are good for the week (Sunday to Saturday). And as I am sure you know, these numbers HIT consistenly, week after week. Yes, you will see misses from time to time, but overall, the numbers HIT. You may be curious....HOW AM I COMING UP WITH THIS SHORT LIST OF 8 SUPER HOT NUMBERS? I answer that question in the 18 documents in the second set of documents below. Step by step, I explain how to use my coding system to come up with 8 hot numbers to play in your state every week. This 8 number system will greatly enhance your understanding of my coding system. It may even give you ideas on how to create your OWN unique Pick 3 (or even Pick 4) system!

There are 14 main documents that explain the system. Docments 15, 16, 17, and 18 explain a recent improvement to the system.

What's included?

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7 Day Coding System (3).pdf
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1-How to use the Pick 3 Coding Program (5).pdf
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2-New York Codes Explained (1).pdf
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3-NEW YORK-PICK 3 CODES-SEP-28--47-45.xlsx
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4-How to Use the Excel Conversion Sheet (2).pdf
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6-NEW YORK-47-45.xlsx
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7-Use ONE Pair in TEXAS (1).pdf
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9-TEXAS-Pair 35 Numbers.xlsx
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12-FLORIDA-PICK 3 CODES-OCT 5--58--17.xlsx
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13-FLORIDA CODES-OCT-5 (1).pdf
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16-North Carolina_PICK3-APR-18-2020.docx
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17-NC-PICK 3 CODING SHEET-APR-18--06-12.xlsx
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18-The 8 Numbers on Excel for NC.xlsx
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7 Day Coding System