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How to Win $1,000,000

NEWSFLASH!! You do NOT Need to Hit All 7 Numbers to win BIG in the Mega Millions game. For example: If you hit the first 5 numbers, you will win a cool 1 MILLION dollars! And if you only hit 4 numbers, you will win $10,000.

SECRET STRATEGY: Target 5 Numbers in the Mega Game.

I am writing this on October 1, 2020 and as you can see above, the last Mega number that hit was 14 39 43 44 67 and the Mega ball was 19 and the Megaplier was 3.

NEWS FLASH: If you would have hit just the first 5 NUMBERS, you would have won $1,000,000.

GOOD NEWS: This is a VERY REAL possibility using my CODING SYSTEM.
You can learn the BASICS of my CODING SYSTEM in this Kindle HERE.

I (and MANY players on my list) have gotten several hits in the PICK 3 and PICK 4 games. But the problem is that you have to keep playing these games because one hit is NOT enough (actually, you will just be recovering your previous losses every time you "win"). However, in the Mega game, you only need ONE HIT to win BIG MONEY ($10,000, or $1,000,000...or MUCH more). That is all you need; ONE hit. In this report I explain how to use my Mega programs to code the Mega Millions game. Everything is explained in a super clear Step by Step manner. After you read this report, you will know exactly how I am planning to CONQUER the Mega Millions game!

NOTE: If you purchase this report (the SOONER the Better) you will be getting from me ADDITIONAL REPORTS. These will be emailed to you. 


I will soon be adding MORE Mega programs to my site. I will need these additional programs to do the ADVANCED strategies I will be using the beat the Mega game!

2 Months Added--or 4 if Payed Via Paypal

The purchase of this product includes 60 days added to your account.  This will give you access to the Mega programs (and ALL my other programs). BONUS: If you pay via Paypal, I will add 4 months to your account.     
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I want to be clear on this. I WILL eventually be going for the BIG Hit (hitting all 7 numbers). However, I have to WALK before I can RUN. I have to master the basic strategy first and that involves just hitting the first 5 NUMBERS.

First Learn the BASICS of my CODING SYSTEM

I suggest you learn the basics of my coding system BEFORE you purchase this product. So if you do not know what "distribution" means (or how I use it) or "coding", I suggest you purchase this Kindle on Amazon (its only $2.99). You can find it HERE. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED: the Kindle. If you want a more DETAILED explanation of my coding system, go HERE. 

BONUS: I will Give you the ACTUAL MEGA Numbers to Play! I do not know how long I will make this offer, but if you purchase this product, I will give you the MEGA numbers to play for at least 6 MONTHS.

1-PROGRESS REPORT for October 13, 2020

What is the Best Mega Ball number to play?

I just had a BIG BREAKTHROUGH which I explain in document 12 (on bottom of this page). Basically, I have identified the single hottest Mega Ball number. There is nothing to fugure out. You do NOT have to use any program or do any workout; in report 12 I just give you the hottest Mega Ball number to play. I also provide 3 other back up Mega Ball numbers. I also give you a "remove the last 3" strategy that you can use to increase your probability of hitting the Mega Ball number.

IF YOU PURCHASED THE MEGA RODUCT, documents 12 and 13 should be in your inbox; I just emailed them to you. IF you have NOT purchased the Mega Product, I suggest you do so....assuming you want to follow my progress as I figure out how to win $1,000,000 (1 MILLION) or MORE playing the Mega Millions game! 

Every New Report Represents a NEW Breakthough in the Mega Millions Game!

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How to Win $1,000,000 in the Mega Game!

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The Best MEGA BALL Number is...
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