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I want to make this clear: You do NOT need access to my programs to use the Followers. This is a stand alone system. All you need is the LIST of followers (000 to 999). That is what I will give you; a list on a PDF. This means that this system is PERFECT for Pen and Paper players. You are free to use other methods to reduce the playlist - but its not necessary.

The $90,000 Pick 3 System

Hi Anthony. Congratulations on your winning Follower System. I'm interested in purchasing it - but I am on a limited budget so I would first like to know if it will be profitable for me. So please answer for me the following questions. 

1. If I play in just one State, how often will I win? What is the Hit Rate?
2. On average, how many States hit on a daily basis?
3. What are the best hitting States?  
4. How often do you update the list?

My Response

This system is super NEW.
For now I will say this in regards to your 4 questions:

1. If I play in just one State, how often will I win? What is the Hit Rate?
Your best bet is playing the 3-way numbers when they show up.
They tend to hit on the next one or two drawings.

2. On average, how many States hit on a daily basis?
The system is too new for me to adequately answer this question right now.

3. What are the best hitting States?
I don't know yet.

4. How often do you update the list?
This is a FIXED LIST.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you have to know about this system:  the 3-way numbers are MONEY MAKERS. The 3-way number is usually ONE super hot follower that tends to hit on the very next drawing. Keep in mind that NOT all numbers have a 3-way follower.

This may be hard to believe, but I just heard from a player who won $90,000 on the Kansas Pick 3 game on the 283 that hit KANSAS on Wednesday April 15 as you can see HERE. Notice that 722 hit the previous night (April 14, 2020). The number 238 happens to be a 3-way super follower of 227 (in this system all straight numbers are turned into box numbers). He played 238 and 283 straight online for $100 each. The straight payout online ( is $900, so the payout here was $900 X 10 or $90,000. See the images below for proof. 

$90,000 Won on 283 Straight

283 Straight in Kansas

The Follower System Documents

You can purchase this AMAZING Pick 3 Follower System for just $60 (this price will most likely go UP ACT NOW). You can see all the documents included in the system below. These are all PDF files. Start by reading the READ THIS FIRST document.

Then look at the 17-FOLLOWERS-000-999 document. Here you will find all the followers for all 220 box numbers in the Pick 3 game.

Next is The SECRET Connections documents where I explain the hidden connection that every Pick 3 number has to two other numbers (they form a Trinity).

The TRINITY document lists ALL the trinity connections.
For example, the number 123 is connected to numbers 568 and 069.
I show this connection or trinity like this: 123-568-069.

On the Suggestions and Strategies PDF I explain some important Tips to get the most out of this system.

I explain an exciting new discovery in the PLAY 3-Way Numbers report.

Also included is a report explaining what Power Numbers are and how to use them to reduce your playlist when there is no 3-way follower (not all numbers have a 3-way follower).

All these documents can be purchased for just $60. You can pay on this page or via Paypal. To pay via Paypal, email me with $60-THE FOLLOWERS on the subject line of your email at

TWO Bonus Lists Added!

The Followers list is a great research tool. It is also a great reference you can use to narrow down your playlist. I will also say this; there are hidden patterns and connections on the list that still have NOT been identified. This is a list that just keeps on giving. If you have the original list, I am sure you will agree. Basically this means that this is a MUST have list if you are a serious Pick 3 player. However, there are 3 problems with the original list that I want to point out.

PROBLEM 1: The 3 lists are not in one place.

The idea of a TRINITY is that every Pick 3 number has a connection to two other numbers. For example, the number 227 is connected to 045 and 568. This forms this trinity: 227-045-568. Ideally, you want to look at the 3 lists at the same time. You do this to find any hidden clues that point to what number will hit next. You can only do this by having all 3 lists on ONE page. That is what document F000-F999 (included with this purchase) will allow you to do; look at all 3 playlists at the same time. For example, the page for number 227 looks like this (I explain what F227 is below):


227 Followers (F227)
013 029 045 067 089 124 135 169 178
236 238 257 347 359 468 479 568

018 029 036 045 079 127 139 146 158
234 238 256 357 459 467 478 689

013 024 026 057 089 127 149 157 168
238 259 349 356 378 458 467 679

Group Matching System
51 Numbers used: 013 029 045 067 089 124 135 169 178 236 238 257 347
359 468 479 568 018 029 036 045 079 127 139 146 158 234 238 256 357
459 467 478 689 013 024 026 057 089 127 149 157 168 238 259 349 356
378 458 467 679

3-Way Match: 238 (1)
2-Way Match: 013 029 045 089 127 467 (6)

1-Way Match: 018 024 026 036 057 067 079 124 135 139 146 149 157 158
168 169 178 234 236 256 257 259 347 349 356 357 359 378 458 459 468
478 479 568 679 689 (36)

SOLUTION 1: When you purchase this product you will get two additional documents. The first document (F000-F999) is a 220 page PDF document that has all 3 playlists for EVERY box number in the Pick 3 game. All 3 lists, the 3 way (if there are any), 2-way, and 1-way numbers are all on ONE page for easy reference.

The second problem with the original list is a minor one, but I will bring it up:
PROBLEM 2: You can not do a search to quickly go to the specific number you want on the document using the CTR-F function.

Let me explain; if you have the document with the followers open on your computer and you press down on CONTROL-F on your keyboard to look for 345, you will jump around the document to every instance where 345 shows up (and there are many). I have solved this problem by putting the letter F in front of every number (short for FIND). This means that only the page with 345 will have F345 on it. Therefore, to quickly go to that page, just enter F345 on the search box and it will take you to this page instantly. That is why you saw F227 previously on the list of followers for 227.

227 Followers (F227)
013 029 045 067 089 124 135 169 178
236 238 257 347 359 468 479 568

SOLUTION 2: You will be able to quickly go to the exact page you want by using the CTR-F function. Simply enter F in front of the number you want. For example, to quickly go to the page with the lists for number 179, do a search for F179. is the BIG problem with the original list;
PROBLEM 3: All the 3-way followers are not in one place.

If you have the original list and you have some time on your hands (and access to my programs), you can find all the 3-way followers on your own. However, if you want to save yourself some time and get the full list right now, puchase this product.

SOLUTION 3: The second document (60--3-WAY FOLLOWERS) has the 60 numbers that have a 3-way follower neatly organized on a 4 page PDF.

NOTE on the 60--3-WAY FOLLOWER REPORT. If you go to the page with the lists for number 111 on the first document (F000-F999), you will see that 111 has a 3-way follower: 356. However, years of experience have taught me that digits 6 and 9 tend to flip. This means that the number 359 may hit instead. That is why I have also included number 359 as a follower. I have done this for every follower that has a 6 or a 9. For example, if the follower is 026, I also added number 029.

I will end with this: these two documents will improve your game because they will allow you to quickly see all 3 lists on the same page. This is important because you need to see ALL 3 lists at the SAME TIME to get valuable clues on what possible Pick 3 numbers will hit next. Also, having all the 3-way followers neatly organized in one document is extremely helpful and super convenient.

UPDATE for MAY 22, 2020--I just added the CONSOLIDATED Followers to this Product. This will dramatically increase the number of hits you get with this system!

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