The Pick 3 Tracking System by AANewYork NY

How I am Combining my Best Strategies to Create ONE Powerful Pick 3 System!

My systems are great – but I am not getting the most out of them because I am NOT using them TOGETHER. Right now what I have are several isolated systems that work great – but I don’t have a way to combine their power to generate consistent hits. In this FREE product I introduce and explain the unique tracking system I have developed that will make it possible for me to combine my best systems to create ONE super powerful Pick 3 system. 

Here I explain my tracking system using EXCEL - but it will work just as well on a notebook; so if you are a Pen and Paper player, this system will work for you as well.

If you have any problems downloading this or any of my documents, email me at

Included is a PDF Report and an Excel Sheet with 4 variations of my Tracking Sheet. I suggest you start out with the BASIC format.

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The Pick 3 Tracking System